Budget More, Stress Less


It’s time to feel confident in your ability to change your habits and thoughts around money. The life you’ve always dreamed of -- exploring a new vacation spot with the family, renovating your kitchen, actually saving for retirement while paying down your debt -- is entirely within your reach. It’s not about bringing home a larger paycheck, it’s about being aware of the way you’re currently spending what you have.

Turn those thoughts of “I make too much money to be broke, so why are finances so stressful?” to “Wow, we can finally live the life we want!


Hi, I’m Kaitlyn


Money coaching is more than just years of experience, knowledge, and training in the financial industry. I was born ready. I have a passion and true love for understanding money and budgeting that's not common for most people. It began as a child, stuffing money into my piggy bank and watching my savings account grow. But it really peaked when I got a little older and I finally got control of my financial life. I've been in your position. And I made it happen. There was no more guessing. I knew exactly what was happening, where money was coming and going, and I set my sights on goals and actually hit them. And I can make it happen for you.


You can take control of your finances

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