I get it.

In some way or another, you’re always stressed about money.

Maybe it’s wondering if the bills will get paid, or if you’ll ever be able to pay off those student loans.

Maybe it’s realizing that while your savings account doesn’t grow, your credit card debt seems to skyrocket.

Maybe it’s the fear of retirement, sending the kids to college, or unexpected expenses that keeps you up at night.

You have a great income and you’ve worked hard to get here -- but you never feel like you can get ahead. I mean, everyone else is going on vacations, going out to eat, enjoying their lives -- why can’t you?

The truth? Unless you know exactly where your money is going, it’s easy to watch it slip through your fingers.

financial coaching for learning how to budget your finances

But once you take the time to make a plan, your mindset can go from “Why is there never enough?” to “We can actually live the life we want.”

I get it, people hear the word “budget”, and they think it’s this concrete plan that limits them to a number on a paper.

I’m not here to limit you. I’m here to show you what your income is capable of.

It’s not a concrete restriction. It’s not a budget, it’s being mindful of the money you have versus the money you think you’re going to have in the future.

It’s not about pinching pennies and depriving yourself of enjoyment. It’s about figuring out what you want to accomplish and creating a plan (and staying accountable to it) so you can:

  • Gain confidence around your money

  • Know where your paychecks are going

  • Start saving toward your dreams

The freedom to be in complete financial control -- trying out new restaurants, exploring a new vacation spot with the family, renovating your kitchen, finally paying off all that debt -- is entirely within your reach. It’s not about bringing home a larger paycheck, it’s about being mindful in the way you’re currently spending.

You can trade fear and shame around money … with confidence and control.

You can define your goals and dream big … without feeling stressed your bank accounts will bounce.

You can create a spending plan that allows you to prioritize your needs, wants, and desires … without feeling restricted or limited.

I believe everyone has the ability to take control of their finances.

What Financial Coaching Looks Like:

While working with a financial coach, there are three phases to help you on the road to success.

Phase One: Creating Awareness
Become fully aware of your current spending and financial habits. Gain the clarity needed to make realizations and allow for changes in habit.

Phase Two: Defining Your Spending Plan
Create your own personalized spending plan. Now that your mindset and habits are under control, we plan for your future and the dreams you thought were too far out of reach.

Phase Three: Holding Yourself Accountable
There’s no need to do this all alone. I’m here to walk alongside you every step of the way to keep you motivated and on track to reach your goals.

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The Aha Moment

2-3 hour single financial coaching strategy session

All coaching sessions begin with a spending analysis unique to Kaitlyn. Before we ever meet, I’ll spend 15-20 HOURS to go in-depth into your current spending habits and categorize them, so we’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as we sit down together.

In our strategy session, we’ll review your spending analysis, establish your goals, and create a plan for achieving them. I will show you EXACTLY which categories are hitting you the hardest. You’ll walk away with a clear picture of where your money is going and how you can allocate those funds to align with your dreams and values. You’ll feel in control and confident about money in a way you’ve never experienced before.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Better understanding of your previous purchasing habits and why you’re not currently in control of your financial future

  • Clear picture of what unique goals you want to accomplish to get you closer to your personal definition of financial freedom

  • A shared game plan for your finances that you and partner can both agree on

  • Specific action plan for changes and habits to align with your goals and values

  • A feeling of financial confidence and security

$395 Aha Moment

Aha Moment + weekly Financial Coaching

(A minimum of 6 months)

Working together on a weekly one-on-one basis will take everything we learned in the Aha Moment strategy session, and actually make it a reality.

It’s not enough to just have a spending plan, you also need to implement it. It’s more than just accountability and continuing to take action on your spending plan (although those are definitely important!). It’s also having a expert as your partner to take the time to help you brainstorm ways to save money, reduce debt, and turn proposed changes into natural habits.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Confidence and clarity around paying off debt, creating savings, and finding your own financial freedom

  • Better spending habits and a new awareness of where
    your money is going and how to make it work for you

  • Tips, tricks, and strategies for creating a secure financial future

  • A clear spending plan to help you achieve those purchases you’ve felt are out of reach: enjoying new restaurants, traveling with friends and family, home renovations

  • And more!

$295 Aha Moment + $199/month financial coaching

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